Indoor Navigation & Tracking

We spend 90% of our lives indoors in houses, offices and shopping malls - all places where satellite navigation is flakey at best. In 2017 that’s poised to change, as indoor navigation will start to grow in popularity this year and be one of the biggest tech trends of the nearest future. According to Deloitte report, by 2022 at least a quarter of all uses of precise digital navigation will include an indoor leg or be for an entirely indoor journey. Growth will be stimulated by sustained improvements in the accuracy of indoor navigation over the medium term. Precise indoor navigation's potential is significant, is likely to benefit most vertical sectors, and have impacts on government, businesses and consumers alike. So we expect an increase of demand for indoor navigation in different areas of people's life.

GNSS or GPS does not work properly inside buildings or in a complicated urban environment. Depending on a particular case our business clients may improve customer experience during a visit of their facilities, increase safety level on site or empower internal logistics decisions


UFO Beacons in collaboration with Navigine offers a highly accurate platform for indoor navigation and tracking.
We offer the following 4 indoor location services

Mobile applications powered by Navigine Indoor help visitors to easily navigate inside large buildings. And building owners monitor and manage their employees’ motion.

Navigine Indoor

implement navigation inside any building with up to 1 meter accuracy

Mobile Developers using this platform can significantly improve customer experience and monetization of mobile apps; likewise advertisers can access an additional marketing channel.

Navigine Marketing

tool to quickly embed indoor push-notifications into mobile apps

Enables building owners to ensure safety of visitors and staff by analyzing movement inside their buildings. This service aids the creation of movement heatmaps which optimize marketing channels

Navigine Analytics

analyze objects motion inside building in real time

Enables building owners to track the motion of vehicles and other assets on the premises. Solutions can be developed to monitor objects’ indoor movement in real time and facilitate logistical optimization.

Navigine Tracking

Track the motion of staff, vehicles and other assets


A high accuracy platform for navigation, tracking, marketing and analytics


Navigation Apps

Mobile application for iOS/Android with indoor navigation, marketing and analytics functions

Tracking and Management

CMS for tracking and managing employees, vehicles, assets and cargo inside buildings


Service for analytics of visitors motion inside building using Wi-Fi routers

Key Features

  • Implement navigation inside buildings with upto 1 meter accuracy
  • Send push-notifications on mobile devices within the premises
  • Track the movement of assets, people, vehicles
  • Generate analytics by observing real-time movement

Service Offerings

  • Paid Trials for carrying out Proof of Concept projects in malls, schools, hospitals, event venues, halls
  • Annual Subscription for deploying the solution as per your need
  • White Labelled solution for your business
  • Access to SDKs and documentation to develop your own applications

For Developers

  • Beacons
  • SDK for Android and iOS
  • Demo Apps for Android and iOS
  • Samples Projects
  • API Documentation




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